Vel Tech High Tech Dr.RangrajanDr.Sakunthala Engineering College Alumni Association (VTHTAA), extends a warm and heartfelt welcome to all our esteemed alumni.The Alumni play a crucial role in the history of our college as a VTHTAA member, and we are thrilled to build a robust and active network among our alumni from various backgrounds. In addition to fostering networking, teamwork, and lifelong learning, this association acts as a platform to deepen the connection between our graduates and the college. The accomplishments of our alumni, who have established themselves in their disciplines on a national and international level, fill us with enormous pride. Your accomplishments serve as a testament to the high calibre education and principles you acquired at Vel Tech High Tech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering College. The VTHTAA never misses an opportunity to appreciate and highlight the achievements of such Inspiration Alumni.The VTHTAA is dedicated to giving our alumni the chance to interact with the school, current students, and other alumni. In order to foster the professional, social, and personal development of the students, we organise Student Alumni Interaction in every department.

VTHTAA registration is open to all alumni of our college (https://forms.gle/GezFp57zo1r9Vojk6). We are thrilled to see the outstanding accomplishments of our alumni and are interested in learning about your experiences, successes, and contributions to society (mailto: alumni@velhightech.com). Your accomplishments serve as an example for our current students, inspiring them to pursue excellence and follow in your footsteps. Your participation, wisdom, and assistance are crucial to strengthening the association and the college as a whole. Together, we can continue to fortify the ties that bind alumni to the college and forge a vibrant alumni network that benefits every member.  Let's get together to build lasting relationships, generate memories that will last a lifetime, and improve our college.


Pursuit of excellence in technical education to create civic responsibility with competency.


  • To impart the attributes of global engineers to face industrial challenges with social relevance.
  • To indoctrinate as front runners through moral practices.
  • To attain the skills through lifelong learning.

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