1. Admission in the College does not confer that students hold rights to admission for hostels.

2. Admission to the hostel and allotment of room is entirely at the discretion of the Dean Hostels of the College.

3. Hostel students should observe the hostel code of conduct, hostel rules and regulations at all times.

4. Students are advised to stay in the room allotted to him/her. They are strictly advised not to sleep or stay in other students room.

5. If any student wants to go out of the hostel for an overnight stay he/she should obtain prior permission and out pass from the hostel in charge before leaving the hostel as per procedure

6. If any student wants to go out of the hostel for local outing (maximum 12 hours duration) during holidays, Sunday he/she should inform their parents and ensure that they should return before 6.00 p.m. (for boys) 4.00 p.m. (for girls).

7. If any Boys hostel student wants to go out of the hostel for a time period (Maximum of 2 hours) during evening he should inform the parents and ensure that they should return before 6.30 pm.

8. Students are advised to return to the hostel as per date indicated in the out pass. If for any reason they are not able to return as per the date, they must immediately communicate to the floor in charge of the hostel, Hostel Warden, Mentor and the head of department in the College.

9. In case of medical sickness the students should notify the Floor in charge/Hostel Warden immediately, the Floor in charge/Hostel Warden will verify and arrange for medical help on need basis.

10. Students are advised not to take leave from the College unless for genuine reasons. During the College working hours the student will not be permitted to take leave and stay in the hostel .

11. Visitors must sign in the visitors register. Accommodation will be provided only for father, mother, brother and sister (Only if they come along with parents) for a maximum of 2 days only. For cousins, uncle, aunt accommodations may not be possible.

12. Food to be taken only in the assigned hostel mess.

13. Do not keep any jewellery or valuables (Mobile Phones', Laptop, Chargers, Etc.,) in the room. Hostel/Institution administration is not responsible for anything lost. Keep your belongings locked and safely.

14. Night attendance will be taken every day by the Floor in charge at 8.00 pm. Absence during will entail disciplinary action.

15. Each inmate of the hostel must have one torch light and an emergency kit in his / her possession.

16. Loud talking/ discussion / singing /arguing /quarreling / birthday celebration / Wearing Ear Ring (Only Boys)/Bracelet or any other kind of partying etc, are strictly prohibited.

17. Hostel gate will be closed at sharp 8.30 p.m.

18. Use of gym will be permitted only in the presence of the gym trainer during specific timings.

19. Any one involved in RAGGING (WHICH IS TOTALLY PROHIBITED) will be punished as per UGC/AICTE anti ragging act.

20. Hostellers absenting from classes or tests without prior written permission shall be liable to be removed from the hostel.

21. Playing cards, smoking, consumption of alcohol, possession of any kind of drugs are totally prohibited. Strict action will be taken against those who violate, which may lead to removal from the rolls of the College and hostel.

22. Once removed from the rolls of the hostel, a person shall not readmitted in the hostel.

23. Laptops permitted. Students are strictly warned from viewing any kind of unwarranted adult sites. Violating this will lead to expulsion from hostel after informing parents .

24. Students can approach their designated mentors / students counselors regarding any issues.

25. Dress code to be followed outside the hostel gates and within the College campus.

26. Floor in charge/Hostel Warden will go on rounds for attendance & checking by 9.00 pm.

27. Students are advised not to waste food.

28. During hostel stay students must not order door delivery food from outside restaurants, as we cannot assure the quality of food of such outside private restaurants. Security will not permit outside food to be taken into the hostel premises.

29. They may feel free to use indoor games, outdoor games, gardens of the hostel.They are kept exclusive to cater their needs.

30. Student expelled due to disciplinary issues are not entitled for refund of hostel fees.

31. Day boarding is not permitted.

32. All hostel inmates must adhere to the timings specified for meals, study hours, and other activities.

33. The hostel authorities reserve the right to inspect the rooms and personal belongings of the hostel inmates at any time.

34. Any damage or defacement of the hostel property or belongings of fellow hostel mates will be subject to disciplinary action.

35. The hostel authorities reserve the right to expel any hostel inmate who violates the hostel rules and regulations.


Hostel Do's and Dont's


  1. Attend all the mandatory hostel meetings and follow the instructions given by the warden.

  2. Keep your room clean and tidy, and maintain a healthy and hygienic environment.

  3. Respect the privacy of your fellow hostel mates, and avoid any behavior that makes them uncomfortable.

  4. Keep your belongings in a safe and secure place, and avoid leaving valuable items unattended.

  5. Follow the designated timings for meals, study hours, and other activities.

  6. Report any malfunctioning or damage to the hostel authorities immediately.

  7. Inform the warden in case of any medical emergencies or health issues.

  8. Participate in the hostel events and activities, and contribute to a positive and friendly atmosphere.


  1. Consume alcohol, drugs, or any other illegal substance within the hostel premises.

  2. Engage in any form of ragging, bullying, or discriminatory behaviour towards fellow hostel mates.

  3. Smoke or use any form of tobacco within the hostel premises.

  4. Cook or use electrical appliances in your room without permission from the hostel authorities.

  5. Invite outsiders to your room without prior approval from the warden.

  6. Disturb the peace and tranquillity of the hostel by making loud noises or playing music at high volumes.

  7. Bring any pets or animals into the hostel premises.

  8. Damage or deface the hostel property or any belongings of your fellow hostel mates.



1. GYM Facility.

2. Sports Facility.

3. Food Menu Selecting Facility.

4. Optional AC Rooms/Non-AC Rooms.

5. Wifi Facility.

6. Library Facility.


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